We’ve been working closely with two UI Designers to help us build a UI for our Alpha deadline at the end of February. Our first Designer, Ricardo, finished his work earlier in the week and since then we’ve been working on implementing it into CARRIER: Here’s where the same UI […]

Alpha UI

When we initially thought of how to incorporate an AI into CARRIER we had targeted an Asset in Unity call Behaviour Designer. It looked like it would let us craft some really interesting AI, so we set aside some time to try to learn it. Suffice it to say that […]

Carrier AI…ish

There are three Factions in CARRIER: Laser – Exploitation Alliance Rocket – Relm Subsidiaries Railgun – Konpaskova Constructions Those are a bit (a lot) of a mouthful. We had intended to use acronyms to reference them by default (EA, RS, KC), but they really needed a rework to be easy […]

Title Cleanup

Last night we had a special test. We got six players together and gave them a fully powered Carrier with enough Resources to wipe out each other several times over. We gave them one rule, keep firing until either you or your target is dead. There was a lot of […]

60 FPS. No Exceptions

We’ve been in Pre-Alpha for too long. At the beginning of January we decided that we needed to do two things. The first was to choose a deadline to have an Alpha Ready build, and the second was to determine what we needed to have in place for that deadline. […]

The Road to Alpha 1.0

A short post this week, we recently completed some work with our graphic designer MadalinĀ for logos for our three factions. We’ll be slowly integrating these with the remainder of the site, but wanted to link all three first:   Relm Subsidiaries Konopaskova Constructions   Explotation Alliance

Faction Logos

A Collision in games are awesome, having two objects smash into each other and seeing the resulting effects is great to watch. I think that games that feature some style of realistic movement should have collisions, and CARRIER is no exception. This article talks about the Collision system we use […]

Collision – Sometimes a giant gun just is not enough

A standard CARRIER game is divided into three phases: Expansion, Escalation & Confrontation, though these names will likely change over time to better suit their phases. This post will take a look at the Expansion phase, what players normally will do and how they progress to the next phase. Subsequent […]

Game Phases – Expansion

Tharatan here again, this time to shed some light on the third of our major factions – Lasers.   Humanity was like a gas: wherever there was room in the galaxy, they would expand into it. And wherever humanity spread, they brought their virtues and their vices in equal measure. […]

Laser Faction Lore – Exploitation Alliance